Chris Pratt won’t be in the Devil May Cry anime voice cast, producer confirms

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The year is 2021 and the internet breathes a collective sigh of relief each time we get confirmation that Chris Pratt isn’t an actor attached to a project, apparently.

Netflix announced in 2018 that it was developing an anime based on Devil May Cry, the action franchise from Capcom, to be helmed by Adi Shankar, producer of the streaming service’s Castlevania anime. Shankar dropped some information about the status of the Devil May Cry anime in a recent interview with IGN, but one detail stood out.

“I can also confirm that Chris Pratt won’t be voicing any of the characters,” Shankar told IGN, after saying that popular characters from the Devil May Cry games would appear in the anime.

The jokey comment refers to the recent news of Pratt’s casting in two animated movies: as Garfield in an unnamed film from Sony Pictures, and as Mario in Illumination’s feature-length animated Mario movie.

Pratt has become the focus of fans online lately — this week, he posted a photo of him and his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger, on Instagram with a sappy caption that divided the internet. Before that, he went on Twitter to assure people that he was working hard at playing Mario when Nintendo announced his casting.

After his Garfield casting, he became a literal meme where people joked about fake announcements for his casting. Any animated show could be fair game to have a role be voiced by Chris Pratt. So it only makes sense that Shankar, who also served as executive producer of the animated Netflix Castlevania series, would want to put our anxieties at ease.

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