Cuphead boss guide: Dr. Kahl’s Robot in ‘Junkyard Jive!’

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Dr. Kahl’s Robot is a real pain. This is an airplane fight, and you can find it by going into the Junkyard. Once you are ready to go, jump into your biplane and get ready for bullet hell.

Phase 1: Dr. Kahl’s Robot

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The first phase of Dr. Kahl’s robot is a little weird. This boss has three weak spots, each of which will pose a threat:

  • Head laser: Every few seconds, the head laser will shoot out a yellow beam that will then expand into a much wider beam. You cannot shoot through this, so you just need to dodge it.
  • Chest launcher: Every few seconds a little pink cylinder will float out of the robot’s chest. Parry this thing to shut it down. Otherwise you’ll take guaranteed damage.
  • Tummy hanger: Like Galaga, a stream of ships will shoot out of the tummy hanger and fly forward and up from left to right. Shoot the ships to get rid of them or use your small plane to go through the gap.

When you defeat one of the pieces, they transform into something else:

  • Head laser becomes shotgun head: Shotgun head shoots nuts and bolts out of the boss’ face. Fly small plane between the shots.
  • Chest launcher becomes Arm/Magnet: Arm/Magnet causes the robot’s arm to spin in from the back and either launch bullets at you or create a magnet that sucks you in. Either push against the magnet or dodge the bullets.
  • Tummy hanger becomes death missiles: Death missiles fly out at you and slowly track your position. When you shoot them or they run into you (or each other), they explode into a large skull shape. These are very annoying and hard to dodge. Kill them when they are far away from you.

Once you’ve destroyed all of the first pieces, a big heart will move out of the robot’s chest. Shoot the heart enough times and the robot’s head will fly off, starting the next phase.

Phase 2: Head

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Dr. Kahl’s Robot head will fly from side to side, exiting out one side and coming back in a moment later. Avoid the death missiles and shoot at the head. This is a great time to use your bomb super to phase him fast. Once you hit the head enough times, the final phase will begin.

Phase 3: Chaos emerald

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This phase is long and annoying. If you love bullet hell games, this will be a great section for you. If you are anybody else, well, this will be less great.

For the remainder of the fight (and that is quite a while) Dr. Kahl will fire gem attacks at you. You’ll need to weave between the bullets as well as avoid the floating walls on the top and bottom of the screen. Keep firing and don’t get hit to finish this difficult fight.


Cuphead guide – Polygon

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