Cuphead boss guide: Rumor Honeybottoms in ‘Honeycomb Herald’

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Rumor Honeybottoms is probably the first fight that you will face in Inkwell Isle III. Located in a giant high-rise office, Rumor is literally the queen bee of “Honeycomb Herald.” Similar to Grim Matchstick, this is a moving platform encounter. While still frustrating, the random platforms are far less likely to ruin your day. Once you are ready to take on the hive, enter the high-rise.

Because your enemies are in some weird spots in this fight, the Chaser auto-aim gun is great here.

Phase 1: Drones

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The first phase of this fight doesn’t actually feature Rumor Honeybottoms at all. Instead, she sends her drones after you. The main baddy here is the drone in the cop uniform. He’ll float around the bottom side of the screen and send a little ball at you. This ball will eventually explode into stingers. Three are blue and need to be dodged. Three are pink, and you can parry them. They’ll radiate in a spiral from the ball, so dodge or parry your way to safety.

The only other danger in this phase are the sad office drones that fly around the arena. Defeat them or dodge them. Basically, do whatever you want as long as it isn’t running into them.

Phase 2: Rumor Honeybottoms

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When Rumor enters the fight, she’ll have three attacks that she cycles between, one for each side of the arena:

  • Wrecking bullets (center): Rumor will drop her head down to the bottom of the screen. From here, she’ll spit little bullet bees left and right. These will fly forward, turn up, fly forward again, turn up and repeat that pattern. Duck under or jump over them as they pass and keep whaling on Rumor.
  • Parry balls (left or right): Rumor will spawn homing balls that follow Cuphead around. Dodge or parry them.
  • Triangle of death (left or right): Rumor will spawn a triangle that shoots out smaller triangles at each point. Avoid the points and run away from the triangle. However, if you time it right, you can parry the little triangle projectiles.

Phase 3: Airplane Rumor

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Rumor will lower herself from the sky and start reading a book. Now is a great time to get some damage in so attack. Next, she’ll transform into an airplane and fly to the bottom of the screen.

Her main and only move here is to shoot homing fists at you from her cannons. Find a spot that works for you and keep track of the very annoying fists. They can still come back to get you after they’ve left the screen. Hitting her is the hardest part here and makes the Chaser a godsend.

If you hit Rumor enough from up here, you should finally take her down.


Cuphead guide – Polygon

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