Cuphead boss guide: Sally Stageplay in ‘Dramatic Fanatic’

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Sally Stageplay is one of the last two fights in Inkwell Isle III. You’ll find her at the very back of the island, playing in the local theatre. When you are ready for a straightforward, fun fight, grab a ticket and enjoy this play.

Phase 1: The Bride

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When the fight starts, the curtain will rise and Sally will rip off her wedding gown to debut a dress and parasol combo. Sally has a few attacks here:

  • Fan toss: Sally will occasionally throw fans into the floor of the stage. Avoid getting hit by these in transit or stepping on them and you won’t have any problems.
  • Teleport: Sally’s umbrella will occasionally eat her, and she’ll disappear. Run around the stage to avoid her landing on you. After a few seconds, she’ll drop back in. As long as you are moving, you are fine.
  • Kiss: Sally will occasionally blow Cuphead a kiss, creating a pink heart that floats toward you. Dodge or parry it.
  • Spin: Sally will occasionally jump into the air and slowly spiral down at an angle. Sidestep this or dash past it.

Once you have damaged Sally enough, she’ll teleport again and ride off with her husband.

Phase 2: The Mother

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Sally will maintain her Spin and Fan-tossing abilities from earlier. Sally will now also have the ability to drop mice bombs from her parasol. These will move to her sides and then fall down, so don’t let them hit you. The only other attack in this phase is Sally’s annoying baby, which will drop bottles at you from the background windows. Keep your eyes open, and you’ll be fine.

Aside from those two new additions, this part of the fight is exactly the same. Execute like you did the first time and Sally will die onstage.

Phase 3: Sally’s revenge

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This is probably the easiest part of this fight. A big cutout of Sally will drop in to your left. Shoot up at Sally and avoid her attacks. Luckily, this is made much easier due to the sign to Sally’s left that announces her next move:

  • Meteor: Sally drops a meteor from the sky. Avoid being hit and shoot it open. Parry the star that comes out.
  • Big Wave: Sally commands a poor stagehand to drag a giant wave on stage. Jump and dash past it.
  • Lightning: Little cardboard lightnings will drop from the sky and chase you around. They move randomly, so stop worrying about damaging Sally and avoid the lightning.

Phase 4: Curtain call

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When the curtain comes up again, Sally will be flying around taking her final bow. Avoid the roses that the audience throws at the stage and jump over Sally’s horrible parasol as it chases you around. Land a few good hits on Sally, and it’ll finally be curtains for her.


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