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Cyberpunk 2077 guide: Street Cred, explained

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There are two measures of your level in Cyberpunk 2077: the level you’ve achieved by earning XP, and your Street Cred. In this Cyberpunk 2077 guide, we’ll explain Street Cred, what it’s for, and how to earn it.

What is Street Cred?

While XP drives your level — which measures your evolution toward god-like power(s) and strength — Street Cred measures your notoriety. Think of Street Cred as another, separate kind of XP that measures your reputation around Night City rather than your strength, power, or prowess.

What is Street Cred for?

Street Cred works a lot like your level in many ways. There is gear — things like weapon and clothing — that has a Street Cred requirement (just like there is gear with a level requirement).

As your Street Cred increases, you’ll also unlock new jobs, gigs, and hustles — all the things that make up that constant stream of side quests that floods into your phone.

Street Cred will also unlock additional vendors and options at vendors.

How to increase Street Cred

The short answer is this: Do things. You’ll earn Street Cred for completing (Side) Jobs, Gigs, and Hustles, for performing takedowns or headshots, and just generally playing the game.

Focus on Gigs (the more Help Wanted-type jobs) and Hustles (crimes in progress you stumble across or reported crimes you pick up on the scanner) to earn Street Cred a little quicker. With a little time focusing on these, you’ll get your Street Cred to quickly outpace your Level (and earn a bunch of money).

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