Fallout 4 on Xbox 360 or PS3? Nope.

An Animal Crossing character stands on Redd’s boat

Cover art for Terraforming Mars shows two astronauts on the red planet’s hillside, surrounded by green trees.

The trailer for Fallout 4, highly anticipated though it was, arched some eyebrows for the dull in-engine visuals it chose. That led to a ton of message-board speculation the rest of the week that maybe this game began its life with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, or might be announced for those consoles later. The answer to that, per Bethesda itself, is no.

“It is not coming to 360 and PS3, the stuff we’re doing will never work there,” Matt Grandstaff, the global community manager for Bethesda Softworks, said in this thread on NeoGAF yesterday evening.

Case closed, apparently.

When it was formally announced on Wednesday, Fallout 4 said it will launch on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. The game will be set in Boston, and here’s how it’s handling that city’s iconic landmarks and scenery.

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