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Fast and Furious finale could get 3 parts if Vin Diesel has anything to say about it

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Fast X isn’t quite the end of the long-running Fast & Furious film franchise, but it’s setting things up for a bombastic finale — that might not actually come next.

Speaking to Fandango reporter Naz Perez on the red carpet for the Fast X premiere in Rome, Italy, star Vin Diesel appears to suggest that the Fast farewell tour will be expanded to three films.

“Going into making this movie, the studio had asked if this could be a two-parter,” Diesel said. “And after the studio saw this, part one, they asked, ‘Could you make Fast X, the finale, a trilogy?’”

Diesel’s comments — which he dropped right before playfully ending the interview with Perez — could imply that the plan for the Fast finale has changed in recent weeks. Originally, Fast X was meant to be the first of a two-part conclusion to the Fast Saga, with Fast X director Louis Leterrier returning to helm an 11th and presumably final film.

It’s worth noting, however, that Universal’s wording on the finality of that has been pretty cagey — releasing a statement to The Hollywood Reporter calling the next film would be “a companion” to Fast X.

Polygon has reached out to Universal for comment.

Regardless of how many more installments are actually left, it’ll be a little while before we actually do say goodbye to the Fast Family — the sequel to Fast X isn’t slated to premiere until 2025, and if it turns out we are in store for a three-part finale, the end will come even later still.

Fast X premieres in theaters May 19, 2023.

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