Halo Infinite’s big winter update is available now

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343 Industries on Tuesday finally released key gameplay modes in Halo Infinite, nearly a year after its December 2021 launch.

Halo Infinite’s big winter update brings in features like Forge, the map and game editor, campaign co-op (but not couch co-op), and campaign mission replay. Additionally, the patch introduced a fresh multiplayer battle pass along with new maps and play modes. Developer 343 Industries released the update for both Xbox Series X and Windows PC.

Halo Infinite has endured both a rocky pre-launch and post-launch roll-out. The game was delayed before its release, and then launched without long-running core features like Forge mode and campaign co-op. Couch co-op may no longer be coming to the game, but today at least will be the first time fans can try campaign cooperative play online.


Halo Infinite’s new Forge mode finally makes the game infinite

The big winter update launches a few days after head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty delivered another candid assessment of the game’s development and launch. Booty said that Halo Infinite’s live service plan “fell short” and compared the release to the “classic runner’s mistake of tripping and stumbling as you come across the finish line.”

So, although it’s been a long time coming, if you still have it in your heart to give Halo Infinite another chace, today would be a good time to jump back in.

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