Here’s a first look at Amazon’s Fallout TV series

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The Fallout video games are famous for three things: nuclear wastelands following a war between the United States and China, ’50s-inspired retro-futurism, and giant subterranean survival shelters called Vaults. For those awaiting visual confirmation, Amazon’s forthcoming Fallout TV series will definitely have at least one of those things.

Shared via Twitter in celebration of Fallout’s 25th birthday, our first look at the Prime Original series is pretty coy but also very faithful to the game’s aesthetic. It depicts the members of Vault 33 looking on while someone stands in the brilliant light of their Vault door opening for the first time, a moment present in just about every Fallout game as the player leaves their sheltered community to wander the nuclear wasteland.

The aesthetics of the shot are pretty spot-on: The Vault door retains the cog-shaped bank vault look of the games, the blue-and-yellow jumpsuits seem very faithful to the game, and a close inspection of the silhouette at the Vault entrance reveals the familiar shape of the Pip-Boy wrist computer from the games. Look even closer and there’s a hint of violence, as the boots of what may be a dead person are visible behind some railing.

As fan service, this is pretty great. As a bit of marketing for a forthcoming TV show, there’s not much to grab onto. The cast present isn’t recognizable nor is there a hint of what the story may be, but it’s still early: The Fallout show does not even have a release date yet.

That, like most further details about the show, is currently under wraps. Executive produced by Westworld’s Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and starring Ella Purnell (Yellowjackets) and Walton Goggins (The Righteous Gemstones), Fallout is currently in production and on track to be the second video game post-apocalypse to make it to TV, after The Last of Us arrives on HBO next year. Games you can watch! The future is bananas.

Update (Oct. 26): On Wednesday, Bethesda Softworks and Amazon offered a separate sneak peek from the upcoming Fallout TV show, with series co-creator Jonathan Nolan sarcastically feigning ignorance about the franchise, being handed a Nuka-Cola by a fella in Brotherhood of Steel armor, and finally coming clean about how Fallout 3 ruined his artistic ambitions. You can watch that clip to get a taste of Fallout’s wasteland below.

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