Paper Mario: The Origami King guide: Whispering Woods collectibles locations

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In this Paper Mario: The Origami King guide, we’ll help you find every collectible, hidden block, and repairable hole throughout Whispering Woods.

Whispering Woods collectibles locations

There are 12 Toads, 25 Not-Bottomless Holes, 3 Collectible Treasures, and 10 ? Blocks in the Whispering Woods.

This area starts after the game’s prologue when you fall into the Whispering Woods, and ends when you reach Toad Town.

Not-Bottomless Hole 1 of 25

As soon as you extricate yourself from the tree, head toward the camera and follow the path there toward Olivia. She’ll toss you the Confetti Bag when you reach the first Not-Bottomless Hole.

? Block 1 of 10

After you rescue Olivia, you’ll knock down a tree to cross a gap. This ? Block is right on the other side.

Not-Bottomless Hole 2 of 25

One screen to the right, you’ll pass an overlook where you’ll talk about the castle with Olivia. A little farther to the right, you’ll find another Not-Bottomless hole next to a Save Block.

Not-Bottomless Hole 3 of 25

The next screen to the right is where you start hearing whispers. Stay along the top edge of the path to find this Not-Bottomless Hole.

Not-Bottomless Hole 4 and 5 of 25 and ? Block 2 of 10

A few more steps to the right, near the first patch of spikes, you’ll find two more Not-Bottomless Holes along with the next ? Block.

Not-Bottomless Hole 6 of 25

The path will lead downhill toward the camera. You’ll pass the next Not-Bottomless Hole along the way.

Not-Bottomless Hole 7 of 25

At the bottom of the hill, follow the path right. You’ll see a treasure chest above you that you can’t reach yet. Avoid the spike patch along the bottom edge to find the next Not-Bottomless Hole.

Not-Bottomless Hole 8 and 9 of 25

Continue right, and climb up into the tree-filled area with the vines to pull. There are Not-Bottomless Holes in the back left and front right of this area.

Collectible Treasure 1 of 3 – No. 1: Peach’s Castle

Grid View

  • Whispering Woods Collectible Treasure 1

    Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon

  • Whispering Woods Collectible Treasure 1

    Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon

  • Whispering Woods Collectible Treasure 1

    Intelligent Systems/Nintendo via Polygon

When you climb up into the tree-filled area with the vines to pull, you’ll be in the bottom left corner. Head to the second tree to the right, and pull the vine. Ten leaves will fall into the open area below you. Hit them with your hammer, and match the symbols to collect some items. When you’ve matched all five pairs, you’ll get a Star. Use the invincibility you get to run to the left through the spikes to reach that treasure chest we saw earlier. Inside is Collectible Treasure No. 1: Peach’s Castle.

? Block 3 of 10

While still invincible, head down — toward the camera — from the treasure chest. There’s another patch of spikes, but you’ll see a square of empty space in the lower left. Stand in that space and jump to find this ? Block.

Not-Bottomless Hole 10 and 11 of 25

After you pull all the vines and knock down the log, you’ll climb up toward the golden ball. At that top level, there are two more Not-Bottomless Holes — on in the bottom left and one in the top right.

? Block 4 of 10

After you patch the top right Not-Bottomless Hole, continue right to find this ? Block.

Not-Bottomless Hole 12 and 13 of 25

After you meet Grandsappy, you’ll continue along toward the spring. When you reach the next Save Block, these two Not-Bottomless Holes are just past it (the second one is just offscreen in the image above).

Not-Bottomless Hole 14 of 25

The next Not-Bottomless Hole is just past those, after you have a quick Goomba Wave Battle.

Not-Bottomless Hole 15 and 16 of 25

As you reach the spring, you’ll pass both of these Not-Bottomless Holes.

Not-Bottomless Hole 17 and 18 of 25

Continue past the spring to left to find the next pair of Not-Bottomless Holes.

Collectible Treasure 2 of 3 – No. 2: Mushroom

Keep heading left, and you’ll find another treasure chest behind the tree. Collectible Treasure No. 2: Mushroom is inside.

Not-Bottomless Hole 19 of 25

After you rehydrate the Soul Seed in the spring, head back to Grandsappy. His face has become your next Not-Bottomless Hole.

Not-Bottomless Hole 20 of 25

With Grandsappy restored, you’ll have a new path out of his clearing. Just past the fence, Save Block, and sassy sign, you’ll find the next Not-Bottomless Hole.

? Block 5 of 10

As you continue to the right, watch for a nondescript orange and pink flower along the top of the path. Stand on those flowers and jump to reveal this hidden ? Block.

Toad 1 of 12

A little farther to the right, you’ll spot your first Toad in a pile of leaves.

Not-Bottomless Hole 21 of 25 and Toad 2 of 25

Past that Toad, you’ll come to a few tents (and an annoying speaker on a tree). The Not-Bottomless Hole is next to the rightmost tent, and the Toad is crumpled up inside the upper left tent.

Toad 3 of 12, Not-Bottomless Hole 22 of 25, and ? Block 6 of 10

Just past the speaker, you’ll see a Goomba Folded Soldier on a swing. Once it’s handled, there’s a Toad folded into an origami cicada on the frame. To the right, you’ll find a Not-Bottomless Hole. When you patch it up, you’ll have some pillars to climb up and to the left. At the top, you’ll be able to reach a ? Block.

Not-Bottomless Hole 23 of 25

Continue right, and you’ll cross a singing bridge to reach a bench. Just past the bench, you’ll find this Not-Bottomless Hole.

Toad 4 and 5 of 12

Head down to the bottom of the path just before you reach the picnic tables and pavilion. Look for a fire ring — there’s a Toad sticking out of one of the seats. To the left, you’ll see an origami cicada hiding on the tree. Hit the tree to bring the cicada down, and then hit it to rescue another Toad.

? Block 7 of 10

Between and behind the woodshed and the tree, there’s a patch of slightly darker green grass with a leaf pile in the middle. Stand in the center and jump to reveal this hidden block.

Not-Bottomless Hole 24 of 25 and Toad 6, 7, and 8 of 12

Continue to the picnic tables under the pavilion — you’ll have to clear out a Goomba Folded Soldier. There is one Toad stuck under a seat on the left side of the pavilion. The other is on the rightmost table, folded into an origami egg. To the right, the Not-Bottomless Hole is down along the bottom of the path. Just past the Not-Bottomless Hole, you’ll see the fourth Toad sticking out of a leaf pile.

Toad 9 of 12

Continue up onto the steps of the cabin, and jump off to the left — you’ll be in a (poorly) hidden area behind the pavilion. This Toad is on the ground under the coin.

Toad 10 and 11 of 12, Not-Bottomless Hole 25 of 25, and ? Block 8 of 10

Back in front of the cabin, look at the flower planters along the railing. From below, hit the third from the left (the empty one) with your head to reveal an origami flower. Head up onto the porch to hit it with your hammer to rescue this Toad. On ground level, look for the next Toad crumpled up in the woodpile. The other half of the woodpile is the next Not-Bottomless Hole. Once it’s repaired, use the porch to jump to the roof of the pile, and then hop down to hit the next ? Block.

? Block 9 of 10

Before you leave this area, climb on top of the ? Block you just collected. Jump to reveal a hidden ? Block.

? Block 10 of 10

Just past the cabin and its woodpile, look for a square of dirt in the grass. Stand in that square and jump to reveal the next ? Block.

The remaining 1 Toad and 1 Collectible Treasure can’t be collected until much later in the game, so you’ll have to come back for them. (We’re pretty sure that they’re in that locked cabin.)

We’ll update this guide when we find them.

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