Resident Evil 2 Leon [2nd] walkthrough Part 5: Jail puzzle, Parking Garage, Behind RPD, Gun Shop

Resident Evil 2 remake Leon [2nd] electronic part panel puzzle solution

Capcom via Polygon remake Escape the Parking Garage

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You’ve scoured the Police Station for every item you can get. You have both Power Panel Parts for the Jail’s Electronic Panel. We’ll use them in this guide and escape the Parking Garage.

Break Room to Parking Garage

Make sure you have both Power Panel Parts in your inventory. A grenade of any variety would be good, too.

From the Break Room, head back down the stairs and follow the long hallway into the basement and into the Parking Garage. Cross over to the Jail door, and head back to the cells.


Head straight through the row of cells again back to your unlucky friend. Don’t waste your ammo on the zombies in the cells. (You’ll understand why in a minute.)

Resident Evil 2 remake Leon [2nd] electronic part panel puzzle solution

Capcom via Polygon

Place both Electronic Parts in the wall panel, then solve the puzzle. Your job is to make sure the circuits connect. Our solution is in the image above, though it may be different in your game.

Once you complete the circuit, head into the cell and grab Ben’s Memo, the First Aid Spray (from the toilet — gross), the Interview Transcript recording, and the Parking Garage Key Card.

Escape the Parking Garage

You’ve restored the power (good!), but the the cells are open now, so the prisoner zombies are on their way (bad!). Also, Tyrant’s back (terrible!).

Good news: There’s nothing to find in the cells, and you’re about to open a detour that should let you sprint without stopping until you’ve escaped.

Capcom via Polygon remake Escape the Parking Garage

Capcom via Polygon

Exit the jail cell and turn right. Sprint to the intersection, then throw the switch there. That’ll open the gate to your left.

Use the detour on your left and keep checking your map as you sprint your way through the Jail. Just keep running until you get back to the Parking Garage.

Here are a couple of tips for the worst-case scenarios:

  • If you see a group of three or more zombies clustered together, this is a great place to use a Hand Grenade and earn the Zombie Roundup Achievement/Trophy for killing three enemies at once with a sub-weapon.
  • If Tyrant shows up in a narrow hallway, backtrack to a room between hallways. You’re faster than him, and you can run a large circle around the room, avoid him, and then run back in whatever direction you wanted to go.

Parking Garage

When you run back into the Parking Garage, you’ll trigger a cutscene. Then use your new Parking Garage Key Card to open the gate and follow Ada out.

Behind RPD

There’s nothing to find or pick up along the streets, so just keep following and listening to Ada until you get to the Gun Shop.

Gun Shop Kendo

Inside the Gun Shop, grab the:

  • Hand Grenade on a shelf to your left as you walk in
  • Long Barrel (W-870) on a shelf by the Hand Grenade to double the ammo capacity of your shotgun and make it more powerful
  • Large-caliber Handgun Ammo on a shelf behind the shelf with the Long Barrel

Once you get to the back of the shop, watch the cutscene, then keep following Ada to the sewers.

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