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The Evil Within 2, developer Tango Gameworks’ nightmarish survival horror sequel, does a better job than most games at teaching players about its rules. Applying that knowledge, though, isn’t always easy. In a game designed to give players an immense amount of freedom, Polygon’s The Evil Within 2 guides are here to help you make the most of your liberty.

Understanding The Evil Within 2

  • The Evil Within 2 beginner’s guide: Our best tips for murdering zombies and staying alive
  • Workbenches and weapon upgrades: Put your weapon parts where your trigger finger is
  • The Evil Within 2 skills guide: There are no essential skills, but there sure are some great ones

The Evil Within 2 collectibles guides

There are items hidden throughout The Evil Within 2, and they fall into two broad categories: collectibles (which are just nice to find) and actionable items (like ammo pouch upgrades). Our collectibles guides include both, and we’ve organized them by chapter.

  • Chapter 2 collectibles (Something Not Quite Right)
  • Chapter 3 collectibles (Resonances)
  • Chapter 4 collectibles (Behind the Curtain)
  • Chapter 5 collectibles (Lying in Wait)
  • Chapter 6 collectibles (On The Hunt)
  • Chapter 7 collectibles (Lust for Art)
  • Chapter 8 collectibles (Premiere)
  • Chapter 9 collectibles (Another Evil)
  • Chapter 10 collectibles (Hidden from the Start)
  • Chapter 11 collectibles (Reconnecting)
  • Chapter 12 collectibles (Bottomless Pit)
  • Chapter 13 collectibles (Stronghold)
  • Chapter 14 collectibles (Burning the Altar)
  • Chapter 15 collectibles (The End of This World)
  • Chapter 16 collectibles (In Limbo)
  • Chapter 17 collectibles (A Way Out)

The Evil Within 2 boss guides

The Evil Within 2 has several boss fights peppered throughout your journey. There are multiple ways to approach each one. In our guides, we’ll teach you the strategies that worked best for us.

  • Stefano Valentini boss fight
  • Keepers and Laura (Chapter 14)
  • The Matriarch (Chapter 16)

The Evil Within 2 guide

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